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Best Plastic Surgery Services in Hydershakote - Suncity
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Suncity Hospitals, Suncity Hyderabad

Quality Health Care at Affordable Cost
Hygienic and intensely sophisticated 24/7 medical aid that assures quality health care Suncity Hospitals could be a complete family hospital. Located in Suncity, Hydershakote. The hospital is made as per NABH and Fire Safety guidelines. Our team includes medical professionals, nurses, and allied health professionals like pharmacists, physiotherapists, support staff and palliative care specialists. 

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Dr. Margam Kiran Kumar, MBBS , MD

Consultant Physician & Diabetologist
Suncity Hospitals,
Hydershah Kote, Hyderabad.

Dr. Margam Swathi, MBBS, DNB

General Surgery & Cosmetic Burns and Hand Surgeon,
Suncity Hospitals,
Hydershah Kote, Hyderabad.

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Advanced PRP treatment in Hyderabad

Best PRP Treatment at Low Cost in Hyderabad

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Earlobe Reconstruction Surgery – Procedure & Treatment By Dr.Swathi Margam

Earlobe reconstruction surgery is a procedure that restores the appearance of one or both ears by surgically lengthening the earlobe(s), ...
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Recently , A 34 ur old farmer lost his right thumb due to accidental pig bite.The Patient approached us and ...
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